Stark Mobility StarkBoard Electric Skateboard

Lightweight / Folding / Portable EVs - seats optional
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Stark Mobility StarkBoard Electric Skateboard

Post by LockH » Nov 23 2017 4:44pm

Hmmm... ESB "Search found 0 matches: StarkBoard"... Hmmm...

Commuting by Electric Skateboard is Not a Crime
("Stark Mobility wants people to commute in style."): ... skateboard

StarkBoard Reveal Teaser 2 - New Electric Skateboard

StarkBoard Demo - NYC

... and SURPRISE! ... it's a IndieGogo Thingee...

StarkBoard - Handsfree Smart Electric Skateboard: ... ateboard#/

Right now:
$94,074 USD raised by 178 backers
470% of $20,000 flexible goal

... and they note:
$499 USD + Shipping
$999 (50% Off)
Early Bird
It pays off to come early! Save another $50 over the already heavily discounted Indiegogo Special. Limited quantity available at this price.
Items included:

97 out of 100 claimed
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