Strange sound coming from hub motor

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Strange sound coming from hub motor

Post by techmort » Dec 13 2017 1:48pm


I am a maker from Turkey. I converted my Oxelo Town 7Xl kick scooter to electric with a hub motor kit and a custom fork design I made.
After using it a while a strange sizzle like sound started coming from hub motor. It's only coming in electric mode, not in manual use, which makes me think it is not mechanic, also the sound is like spark sound. At 1st gear of the controller I don't hear this sound, but higher gears (more amps?) is making this. Also when in high speed electronic brake is also causing this sound. These sympthoms made me think it is electric issue but since I am not an expert of electronics and electrics I wanted to ask you people what should I do next? I opened up the hub motor and checked if there are any visible signs, sparks etc. no luck :(
I can try rewiring the wires to motor but rewinding the coil inside is out of my reach.

Some specs:
36V 8 inch ultra thin hub motor: ... 0.0.xCbdp5
19 amps 36v controller from same kit
2 Zippy 5000 mah 18,5V (5 Cell) batteries to get 36V
LCD + throttle and brake etc.
My weight: 90 kg
Terrain: Hills everywhere (Istanbul, Turkey)

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