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X-treme X560 Electric Scooter L-ion Upgrade From SLA.

Posted: Feb 09 2018 12:10am
by poepad205
First time using this forum. This are discontinued as are half the scooters out there. Thank god they use scooter parts. I bought a X-treme X560 Electric Scooter and going to upgrade it to L-ion batteries. I bought some battery packs off ebay and will give them a try. I just ordered a charger, so got to wait till it comes then going to have to figure out how to change the ends for the scooter. Here is picture of scooter. I don't know if I attached the picture correctly.
00D0D_5id7G1Vtf3r_1200x900.jpg (67.3 KiB) Viewed 148 times