Goped stock controller max voltage? >>>>>>>

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Goped stock controller max voltage? >>>>>>>

Post by JDELUNA » Feb 13 2018 12:03am

I have a stock Goped ESR 750 and am interested in upgrading the battery pack with an 8s lithium pack that has a max voltage of 33.6volts. Does anyone know if I can use this ? I have access to a Goped programmer. Thanks for any info. God Bless :)

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Re: Goped stock controller max voltage? >>>>>>>

Post by Jesistak » Feb 20 2018 1:38pm

Most controllers have a range of input voltage and a 36 volt controller can handle 48 volts. You will have no problem running 8S lipo’s since GoPed are operating on 36volts. Just remember to use some type of low voltage indicator on lipo’s so you don’t kill them first time around! You can find them for lesss than $5.

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