INMOTION Sensor Control Vehicle ("SCV"Standup scooters)

Lightweight / Folding / Portable EVs - seats optional
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INMOTION Sensor Control Vehicle ("SCV"Standup scooters)

Post by LockH » Feb 26 2018 11:46pm

Remember back to that 2013, INMOTION SCV Press Conference held in Shenzhen, China...
On the new product press conference, INMOTION Technologies launched INMOTION SCV R1. INMOTION SCV applies the latest dynamic self-balancing technology and FOC technology with the assistance of gyroscopes and accelerometers to sense the rider's body movements while driving, and uses servo control systems to precisely drive the motors to keep it always balanced. To turn, the rider presses the handlebar to the left or the right. ''SCV'' is an abbreviation for ''sensor controlled vehicle''.
Seen here on their site: ... at-success

INMOTION SCV? Looks like this:

ie like this:

(Note URL "self balancing electric unicycles"... "Uni"cycles watt have TWO wheels!)

Now fast forward from 2013 five years...

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... and they sell "ebikes"...

Future Orbit Inmotion R2 SCV Scooters with App, Champagne

Wanna buy an expensive lump of plastic and metal watts hard to pedal? Step Right In!

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