VESC suddenly cutting and resetting during acceleration

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VESC suddenly cutting and resetting during acceleration

Post by Ryuudan » Mar 12 2018 5:42pm

Ok, I couldn`t find anything on the internet neither on the forum about this particular issue.

Whats happening:
When there's no load on the motor (ie wheels up in the air) and you try to go full throttle or even just around 60~70% the vesc freezes, blink the red LED 3 times and resets, after 3 seconds is working again.
When there's load it happens in a similar way, but sometimes I'm just holding my speed and suddenly one motor stops.

When put on BLDC software and real-time data there's no abnormal current spike, but there's a slight spike right before it cuts. I tried putting the limits higher and lower for current and voltage and it doesn't change the behavior.

I'm on version 2.18 and the VESC is a Chinese version with 2 caps of 470uF instead of the big one I've seen on Vedder videos and an aluminum heat sink.
my motors are way smaller than those used on skateboards. it's a 4114 750W 8S 29.6V, so I'm using around 25~30A max. They also have 24 poles instead of the usual 12.

It doesn't happen every time, so I can't figure it out.

I've used these VESCs with another motor that had 14 poles and was 4S 50A and it never happened with them.

any ideas? maybe it's the caps?

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