Electronics for 10S4P setup

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Electronics for 10S4P setup

Post by EVBuilder » Mar 14 2018 11:18am

Hi !

I am building electric trampa street carver, and i'd like to know what you think about these components.

Motors APS 6355 190KV sensored * 2pcs Link to APS
Turnigy 50A VESC *2pcs Link to HK
BMS HCX-D223 *1pcs Link to APS
Samsung 30Q li-ion * 40pcs Link to NKON, can they handle full throttle accelerations in 4 parallel ?
Nickel Strip Link to Ebay, for li-ion batteries. Should i solder some copper before welding or just use multiple layers of nickel strip?
Charger 42V 5 A Link to Ebay, not sure about this..

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