Kuickwheel Serpent C… SUCKS… have an idea to use trucks for a DIY project

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Kuickwheel Serpent C… SUCKS… have an idea to use trucks for a DIY project

Post by joeA » Mar 25 2018 3:12pm

So my 170$ kuickwheel serpent C came in the mail today…
1504739707_the-serpent-c-is-an-adorably-tiny-and-fast-electric-skateboard.jpg (86.34 KiB) Viewed 185 times
kuickwheel_serpent_electric_skateboards_6.jpg (134.49 KiB) Viewed 517 times

FOR ME… my ideal e-board is one that is SMALL and still performs well… and the “Serpent C” is officially the smallest electric skateboard available… length wise… shorter than the spectra… shorter than those generic mini e-boards on aliexpress.com from china… wayyy smaller than penny boards… another thing is that… the spectra and other mini boards… still use the standard truck width… the end result is that its still pretty much a nightmare to get into a backpack… everyone knows that the spectra looks goofy AF with the tiny deck but with the standard width trucks… it defeats the purpose of a small board and stops it from fitting in most bags and places… I also personally have no problems balancing on small boards at high speeds…
HTB1SUk2RVXXXXbnXpXXq6xXFXXXt.jpg (28.84 KiB) Viewed 517 times
Spectra-Smart-Electric-Skateboard.jpg (17.39 KiB) Viewed 517 times

the “Kuickwheel Serpent C” board turned out to be a complete waste of money and doesnt go above 7mph… even though theres plenty of room in the battery compartment to fit better specs more power/battery … ESPECIALLY ANGRY since the company promised 11mph top speed… I waited like 6 months to get this thing from Kickstarter campaign… (but thats a story for another time)

but the thing is kuickwheel serpent C uses extremely narrow trucks with its hub motor (square insert style)… and as a DIYer… the purchase was almost worth it just to buy this thing for these super narrow trucks with the square insert for a hub motor… … which i have an idea to use for a DIY project…

IN MY OPINION… one of my favorite electric skateboards was the ACTON BLINK board… feel free to disagree with me on this (even though id probably win)… the main benefits were

relatively small and portable (for its time… now we’ve got all these “mini” e boards comming out that are way smaller)
goes as fast as id ever want to go… (15mph top speed… 12mph was TERRIFYING id only ever go around 10 and 12 if i was feeling impatient to get somewhere and i damn sure better bend those knees and stay focused on the road lol… )
great torque and zippy jolt on take off
small remote fit in pocket
decent distance range
light weight
decent weight limit
water resistant
able to easily unbolt everything from acton deck and put it on a much smaller deck (i had the battery compartment almost touching the outrunner motor… still wasnt small enough for me which is why I bought the kuickwheel)
Store bought board which means has a simple AC charging cable for the wall outlet instead of some overly complex Imax smart charger nonsense… ( correct me if im wrong, but Ive never seen any DIY boards that plug directly into the wall??)

not small enough for my needs even after changing the deck (hence why i bought the kuickwheel)
even if i changed the deck to a smaller one it still wasnt small enough for me because the belt driven motor bracket you could only cramp everything together so much…
even on the V2 the hub motor version you could cramp everything even further on a smaller deck but still not as tiny as the kuickwheel…
even if you did successfully cramp everything together on the ACTON BLINK V2 hub motor version… to be the length of the kuickwheel… THE TRUCKS are so damn WIDE… and couldnt be replaced with smaller ones due to the hub motor design of the
I’m thinking… would it be possible to buy a hub motor (square insert style) and match the same specs as the Acton blink board… hook it up to the acton blink board battery… and use the extremely narrow trucks with the hub motor square insert instead of the super wide trucks…

also… i have hooked a standard outrunner motor from hobbyking up to the acton blink board instead of the acton blink motor… AND IT RAN?! does that mean that the motors were the same specs… or is it possible that two different spec motors would be able to run on the same electronics setup… such as one being faster but draining battery quicker etc… or is that impossible… and only specifically spec-ed motors would work on a certain battery and ESC setup…

furthermore… would it even be possible to take the battery and electronics setup for the Acton blink belt version… and buy a hub motor with the right specs… and hook them together… is there some sort of 4th cable involved with hub motors… or something that makes them inherently different from outrunner belt drive style motors… do they require an extra cable or a different type of ESC or something??

what about using the hub motor that came with the kuickwheel serpent C and hooking it up to the Acton Blink Board battery compartment… is it possible that even though the Serpent C is WEAK… the motor could possibly have much higher capabilities when paired with higher spec-ed electronics…

unfortunately this is the lengths one has to go through when the type of board you are after… just simply isnt available for sale… and even when building a DIY board… you typically cant find such small narrow trucks for hub motors outside of ripping them off the store bought Serpent C board that actually got that one thing right but everything else about it sucks…

how can I find out the specs for a motor etc… and can a hub motor and an outrunner motor be interchanged if they have the same specs? can different spec motors be used with the same electronics setup and still work?? such as slower but longer battery… faster but shorter battery life…

is it possible for an incorrectly spec-ed motor to explode or something when the throttle is triggered… what would be the first to explode… motor or battery…

is it possible that a mismatched motor might seem like its working fine at slow speeds… but then when pushed to higher speeds explodes

could an overly powerful motor somehow cause the batteries to malfunction… or is it only a weak motor that is in danger of being shredded up by high voltage… WHAT IS THE WORSER of the situations of using parts with the wrong specs?

thanks! and hopefully someone actually responds to this thread


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