MBS Mountainboard x2 Hub Motor parts ideas

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MBS Mountainboard x2 Hub Motor parts ideas

Post by zemonstas » Mar 26 2018 2:47am

Hi! First of all, I'm super excited about trying to mod my MBS 95 mountainboard but I'm struggling to understand what combo of parts could go together well.

I've read some old guides and some old forum posts trying to collate some useful info, but it's not super clear if there's been much change since 2012.

I've also checked out UUMotors and emailed them back and forth and asked for two 8" brushless hub motors and an RC controller. They quoted $600 USD total but when I pressed them they were unable to provide a spec sheet.

So, I guess my questions to you are

A) What would you do?
B) What parts would you suggest and where would you get them from? 2018-styles, best current bang-for-buck.
C) If money were no object would you still be able to get regen braking, ABS, and reverse?
D) Do you think the current mountainboard nut and screw-on method of affixing the wheels would still work for the suggested hub motors?
E) Where would you mount the battery pack and what would you suggest?

I think the max speed with two hub motors I'd want to reach is maybe 50km/hr, but the thing I'm most concerned with is torque and regulated smooth delivery.


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Re: MBS Mountainboard x2 Hub Motor parts ideas

Post by banjaxxed » Apr 04 2018 10:18am

You need to land that board here and start reading,a lot
https://www.electric-skateboard.builder ... q=mbs%2095

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