Electric scooter controller issues chaos

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Electric scooter controller issues chaos

Post by Tj1990 » Jun 13 2018 2:02pm

Got a new scooter today, chaos 48v 1600w brushless Not working, was told the controller was blown and scooter needed tlc lol. not going to have money for brushless controller anytime soon. Is there any way of testing controller ?

So I put my spare 36v motor and 48v controller on it for now, the wijring was bad tape everywhere, no labels on connectors. So I wired it together and had smoke coming from the wires/controller. After Further inspection indicator and power switch wires were burnt together, not sure if they were already like this before I turned it on As they were under tape.

After quickly re taping the now exposed wires nothing happens wen I turn it on ? Have I damaged my controller or throttle ? How can I test the controller and throttle ?

Any help would be much appreciated

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Re: Electric scooter controller issues chaos

Post by amberwolf » Jun 14 2018 1:39am

If the throttle has LEDs for battery level, then if the wire for batteyr voltage and one of the other throttle wires were swapped, it probably destroyed both the hall in the throttle and anything in the controller that was connected to the battery voltage line.

You'd ahve to trace where each wire went to while you had it connected, to know if this is the case.

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