Electric Schwinn Shuffle?

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Mithion   10 W

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Electric Schwinn Shuffle?

Post by Mithion » Jul 08 2018 7:03pm


Has anyone turned this electric?

Rear hub motor, battery pack on the “down tube” or somehow incorporated into the deck...

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Re: Electric Schwinn Shuffle?

Post by cal3thousand » Feb 25 2019 5:46pm

Kinda sad that no one answered your question. I came up with the same idea and searched around on ES, only to find this lonely thread :cry:
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Re: Electric Schwinn Shuffle?

Post by Dui, ni shuo de dui » Feb 25 2019 8:20pm

That probably means that no one attempted it yet.

That's not sad at all, any one of you could be the first one! Doesn't seem like a very difficult build, and it it actually a pretty good basis. Just stick with a lightweight hub motor since there is no suspension.
In my opinion, the only complicated point will be to fit the brake, the rest is pretty much straight forward.

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