Electric Skateboard Build Help

Lightweight / Folding / Portable EVs - seats optional
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Electric Skateboard Build Help

Post by golf_wizard » Jul 09 2018 8:31pm

Hello I am an American who wants to make a budget board. I found some parts and was wondering what else am I forgetting and if your collective mind can find some stuff for me.
I already have a board with simple wheels/trucks.
I found this: ESC, Motor, Remote,battery
https://hobbyking.com/en_us/trackstar-1 ... mable.html
https://www.mboards.co/collections/hub- ... -truck-kit
https://hobbyking.com/en_us/quanum-2-4g ... ystem.html
https://hobbyking.com/en_us/zippy-fligh ... p-20c.html

Does the ESC above work with the motor or do i need this esc
https://www.mboards.co/collections/escs ... -motor-esc

I am looking for connectors for motor to ESC, Battery to battery in parallel to ESC,

how do I connect my remote to the board?
What else do I needs?

Thank you

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Re: Electric Skateboard Build Help

Post by made_in_the_alps_legacy » Jul 16 2018 1:04pm

those motors are good (I have them) thanks for sharing the link
which top speed are u after ?
ur ESC is rated to 6s, those motors are sold to run on 10s, and u plan to buy 3s lipo w. parallel connectors... what about charger? u need a 2wd ESC anyway...
u know what ? u reached already the budget of a commercial e-skateboard : ask urself if u really want to go DIY

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