FVT 120A skateboard brake problem

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FVT 120A skateboard brake problem

Post by zeroonea » Jul 15 2018 2:06pm

Hi everyone, Im using fvt 120A and gt3c to control my esk8. My problem is the brake. It only brake when I currently press the trigger and quickly push trigger up. When board in momemtum, trigger at neutral position, push trigger up does not brake.

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Re: FVT 120A skateboard brake problem

Post by made_in_the_alps_legacy » Jul 16 2018 12:37pm

sorry... I just keyed in "FVT 120A ESC" in a "search engine" and got that :

I had difficulty to find the right setting in order to have a smooth and linear brake on my electric skateboard equipped with the FVT 120A ESC. I started using the firmware offered by Banggood but the brake was too abrupt and I found myself expelled from my board most of the time. I finally find the FVT custom firmware and it works now perfectly well. Even at higher speed, I have a smooth and firm brake.

Link: http://www.szfvt.com/en/download-6.html, check the end of the video to see my settings and see also which is the right firmware.

hope it helps...

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