Any good websites selling e-scooters?

Lightweight / Folding / Portable EVs - seats optional
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Any good websites selling e-scooters?

Post by 9tontruck » Aug 17 2018 1:47pm


I have been looking to buy a decent but not too expensive standup e-scooter. And I found that there are quite a lot of reviews online. But it is really hard to find a website where lots of different products are availble :S. What was your source of purchase? What's the smart way of reducing costs? Please share!


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Re: Any good websites selling e-scooters?

Post by AlienRides » Sep 07 2018 1:21am

Where are you located? Ideally a local place that can support is always best, but otherwise I'm sure you can find a place that would ship to you.

eWheels is a pretty reputable seller, and I get a small kickback if you order through my affiliate link: www. ewheels. com/alien I bought a small inmotion scooter for my wife from them, and they have a small selection available.

Since I live in SF, I'm currently considering buying another scooter through Last Mile ( I'm not affiliated with them, but if you give them a call they might be able to ship it to you.

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