Dualtron Thunder

Lightweight / Folding / Portable EVs - seats optional
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Dualtron Thunder

Post by AlienRides » Sep 07 2018 1:02am

I'm new here, but have been riding all sorts of PEVs for a while now. I recently got the chance to try the Dualtron Thunder courtesy of Last Mile SF (they let us borrow it for the day and have some for sale). This scooter is awesome, and I'm definitely thinking of getting one. Wondering if anyone else has one, or is considering getting it.

Here's a few of my thoughts:

Power - This is probably the most powerful vehicle I've ridden (after taking off the speed limiter). At the same time it was super stable at high speed.

Smooth - With dual articulated arms for both wheels, I don't think I've ridden anything nearly as smooth.

Finger pain - The accelerator is in a really strange position where you have to bend your hand upward to reach. My fingers/hand cramped up after riding for a while, but maybe you could get used to it. It might also be possible to adjust the throttle, but since we only had the scooter for the day we did not attempt this.

And here's a video that shows some additional impressions and riding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqt7DKfCTVo

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Re: Dualtron Thunder

Post by kaister » Oct 25 2018 2:23pm

I live in SF and own an Ultra. I tried a Bird and was hooked. When Bird got shutdown by the city, I was able to buy my own from Amazon for $499.
Yup, I needed more speed! Bought the Ultra from eWheels and I’ve been having a blast ever since!

With this kind of power, I had to get a bit lower. At 5’5 the stock handlebar was too tall for me.
So, I did do some mods and basically switched to a mountain bike setup.

-Bought a stem adapter and installed a Thomson x4 stem 10 degree x 110mm.
-FSA flat bar cut down to about 610mm.

-The cheap mechanical brakes were just down right dangerous. The brakes were also reversed mounted than that on most bicycles.(right hand front / left hand rear) I’m pretty confident in drifting the rear wheel on mountain bikes, didn’t want get wrecked via muscle memory. So in my upgrade to hydro brakes, I reversed the mount locations.
There are videos of folks upgrading to Magura mt7’s... I have a free set of the mt5(identical in dimensions) and just couldn’t get it to fit. Even with an additional 3mm offset on the rotor, the brake hose banjo bolt still contacted the hub. I used a set of Shimano SLX calipers that had the banjo hose mounting on the non-drive / left side (cycling jargon). (This would be the opposite when installed on the front hub. Installed some generic ebike brake switches on the Shimano pumps and now the brakes are awesome!

For the benefit of brevity, I’m going to end here. Feel free to PM me regarding any technical details.

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