Archos Citee Power Unlock Speed

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Archos Citee Power Unlock Speed

Post by kepohe » Sep 27 2018 5:54am


I have bought a stand up scooter Archos Citee Power few days ago. It's a generic version of Xiaomi M365 with generic components and 6AH battery. There is two speed mod: "low" 16km/h and "fast" 25 km/h. With my battery, I can do 17Km... So it's not a good battery like M365.


I want to unlock the speed. I see many forums, sometimes, there is a connector wire to disconect, sometimes, there is a bumper to remove. I have removed the component 7805 because it's looklike a jumper but after some search on google, it's a 5v regulator. So i will solder it again on PCB.

My BMC PCB is made by Lenzod. I don't find many informations. I have bluetooth to flash a modified firmware like the M365



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Re: Archos Citee Power Unlock Speed

Post by fechter » Sep 27 2018 8:45am

Does that model have a display on the handlebars?

In the corner of the board near the hall connector, there are two unpopulated connectors, P2 and P4. Those may be where you want to place a jumper, but I don't have any experience with that exact model. You could try touching a 1K resistor between pads while giving throttle to see if any combination results in a speed increase.
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