Help with throttle wires please guys

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paul fortman   10 mW

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Help with throttle wires please guys

Post by paul fortman » Nov 04 2018 5:37pm

I bought new throttle with the key and the volt indicator. The problem is, the terminals are completely different from the controller terminals.

Any help on the usual method to wire these up would be most appreciated.

Also you will notice the is a bullet style connection and also a spade connection under the clear plastic on the image.
What will they be used for please?

Thanks in advance. ImageImage

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Re: Help with throttle wires please guys

Post by larsb » Dec 11 2018 4:39pm

I guess three pin connector is throttle and the other two are to the keyswitch, which ones to connect where depends on your controller. You can just measure resistance between these two when key is on and off to verify it's like this.

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Re: Help with throttle wires please guys

Post by Biker823 » Dec 11 2018 9:34pm

Hi i have a arrow 7 my wires broke two things happend my throttle stopped working snd the indicatet light went off my ftont light still works how do i repair problem
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Re: Help with throttle wires please guys

Post by amberwolf » Dec 11 2018 10:03pm

Since the wires broke, you'd have to repair the wires, either by splicing them back together (probably color to color), or by replacing the entire cable that contains the broken wires.

Once the wires are repaired, then anything else that is not working can be troubleshot (you'd just have to report back with exact details on what work was done and what exactly happens when you operate it.

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Re: Help with throttle wires please guys

Post by aroundqube » Dec 11 2018 10:26pm

Take a look around here : . That white throttle plug should be the same as what is in the category "white wire connectors " .

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Re: Help with throttle wires please guys

Post by Chalo » Dec 11 2018 10:47pm

Red and black are almost certainly +5V and GND respectively. The blue and green wires that go with them are the "wipe", or signal wires.

The ones with bullet connectors might be an enable circuit that must be closed to operate. But that's a guess on my part.
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Re: Help with throttle wires please guys

Post by danielrlee » Dec 12 2018 1:32am

Wiring for the new throttle is as follows:

Red: 5v;
Black: Ground;
Green: Signal;
Yellow: Full battery voltage (feeds to LED voltmeter & keyswitch output);
Blue: Keyswitch (connects to controller keyswitch input).

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