10kW stand-up scooter with air suspension

Lightweight / Folding / Portable EVs - seats optional
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Re: 10kW stand-up scooter with air suspension

Post by alex_2d » Mar 30 2020 1:32pm

Hello, my dear friends! I've got some good news for you! I am moving forward to mass production of my scooters! I've decided to create a project team. We are planning some fundraising in the nearest future/ And at the moment we are setting up the company and registrating a trademark.
The most difficult part remains for me. Come up with a name...
We are considering various ideas for the naming of the company and scooter itself (it could be different names). That's why I would be thankful for your ideas about Company and Scooter naming. Please send me personal messages with the ideas, not to flood the forum. I would be very glad!

And one more announce - we are preparing a series of interviews with those who are interested in our scooter to make our product to go beyond the expectations. If you are willing to hop on a call with us for about 40 minutes, please PM me as well!

Let the force be with you))

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Re: 10kW stand-up scooter with air suspension

Post by marcinmobil » Apr 03 2020 4:49pm

Hi Alex where are you bay a this stator with magnets ,can you tell me ??

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Re: 10kW stand-up scooter with air suspension

Post by chill4x4saph » May 17 2020 10:59am

outstanding project!! totally incredible.

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Re: 10kW stand-up scooter with air suspension

Post by Bytewize » May 22 2020 12:22pm

Just accidentally stumbled on this forum topic and as a machinist and creator myself, I am very impressed by the craftsmanship that has been put into this project. All that complex design and CNC machining with a ROUTER?!?! I could see that you were pushing that CNC to its limits when you made the new rear rim by looking at the tool chatter marks in the center.

Keep it up, your designs are outstanding and unique, I'm sure you will have lots of success!

Greetings from Estonia!

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Re: 10kW stand-up scooter with air suspension

Post by AromaticRelease » Aug 25 2020 3:15am

I don't even know how I stumbled across this at 5:00am this morning but I read through the whole thread.. this is amazing! Like seriously amazing. I have been looking to buy a scooter.. just a humble cecotec series s... you know one of those little things with 2 wheels and a battery... can just about make it up a hill. Then I see this.... its insane. Congratulations to you, you clever clever man. Bring on v2!!

One takeaway... you said you didn't like dual motors... this intrigues me, I wanted dual motor. but for my money could only get rear motor. (Series s) but if you prefer single motor i might be a bit happier buying it

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Re: 10kW stand-up scooter with air suspension

Post by vanturion » Aug 31 2020 11:19pm

Long time since your last update - hope things are going well with your startup Alex!

Ended up reading the whole thread in one go too and by the time I got to the part where you said you were making your own CNC, I was like "WHAT!" out-loud. Maybe I had that reaction a few times actually. Really impressive effort, engineering, and craftsmanship. Thanks for documenting and sharing, very inspiring.

One question if you see this sometime, what's your main motivation?

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Re: 10kW stand-up scooter with air suspension

Post by iridie » Nov 03 2020 7:22am

Alex I want to buy one immediately!

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