SWAGTRON Scooter reviews on Amazon are bad

Lightweight / Folding / Portable EVs - seats optional
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SWAGTRON Scooter reviews on Amazon are bad

Post by onemorejoltwarden » Jan 03 2019 2:47am

My lizard brain sooo wanted one.
I mean I have a MOBIKY Genius.
but reviews on Amazon confirm my ride experience on rentals .
I know Amazon reviews are what they are, but the

SWAGTRON City Commuter Electric Scooter, version of the Xiaomi 365 gets almost 60% thumbs down (3 or less)
on >200 reviews
https://www.amazon.com/SWAGTRON-Commute ... s=swagtron

for poor QC, performance and ride quality, with troubled post sale service
Priced from $600 to $350 reminiscent of the issues with hoverboards and mini scooters
Looks like the transportation equivalent of silicone implants
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