Changing et-wow s2 booster battery

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Changing et-wow s2 booster battery

Post by guyberk » Jan 04 2019 12:39pm

Hi everyone i am new in this community and i need your help :)
i have the et-wow s2 booster with only 550Km on it and the battery is already feeling like its going to die. From the specs i know it should last for at least 20km but for me it lasts 11-12km and turns off when the LCD shows 40%...
I really want to change the battery but i have no experience with that and i am afraid that i will do something wrong.
What battery should i look for and where should i buy it from? is it possible to put a stronger battery then i have right now to increase power and range?
btw i dont know the exect model that i have (i bought it from second hand) so it could be 2016-2017 or any other model...
Sorry for my broken :D

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