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Kick Scooter Conversion

Posted: Feb 22 2019 4:23am
by markiemarc

I am new in this Forum and I need to get some info about a conversion of a 10"/16" Kick Scooter.

Theres plenty of conversion kits to get from china with a ready electro wheel rim 16",controller,akku,etc.

Has one of you experience with those kits?Any recommendations?

For me ,as a electrician,is maybe not the big problem to out it all together.

But,here in germany,I face a problem with laws.We got the strictest laws worldwide for those vehicles.
If they drive only with electric power,you have to have turn signals,a horn,a numberplate and ,of course ,a 100€/year special insurance for this :shock:

The only way to prevent this ,is a conversion,that supports the kick move of the body.
Kind of a electric kick-assist.

It is easy for bikes to install a sensor at the bottom bracket.

But for kick-scooters its different.

There are ready for drive scooters ,already run with this developmemt,but they are very expensive.

Someone of you maybe worked on that project already?

Im happy for all your inspiration!