Scooter on Norwottuck rail trail

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Scooter on Norwottuck rail trail

Post by georgefromvt » Mar 20 2019 6:15pm

I'm thinking of purchasing the Speedway IV Pro scooter but worried I can't use it on a rail trail. I'm an avid ebiker and no issues with rail trail use but my ebike resembles a regular bike. Escooters aren't stealth, can't fly under the radar. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: Scooter on Norwottuck rail trail

Post by amberwolf » Mar 20 2019 7:50pm

Restrictions at Norwottuck Rail Trail
No alcohol
No motorized vehicles
No horses
No littering
Seems clear enough that they don't want things with motors on the trail.

However: If scooters like that are not considered vehicles in the transportation law there, then they are not prohibited (unless there is signage on the trail itself specifying they are).

Same thing for ebikes. If bicycles are not considered vehicles under the law, then that restriction also does not apply to them.

It would only apply to things legally considered "vehicles".

You might have to argue the point with any objectors, and may want to carry around the relevant legal statutes, etc.

For example, here in Arizona, title 28 has this in it's definitions section, which specifically excludes bicycles and electric bicycles from the word "vehicle":
74. "Vehicle":
(a) Means a device in, on or by which a person or property is or may be transported or drawn on a public highway.
(b) Does not include:
(i) Electric bicycles and devices moved by human power.
(ii) Devices used exclusively on stationary rails or tracks.
(iii) Personal delivery devices.
(iv) A scrap vehicle.
So signs here in AZ that state "no motorized vehicles" don't apply to electric bicycles, unless the signage also specifically prohibits them.

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Re: Scooter on Norwottuck rail trail

Post by LeftieBiker » Mar 20 2019 10:29pm

Any advice appreciated.
Er, pretend to kick at the ground occasionally? "Always Be Pedaling" seems to work for E-bikes, so...

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