Thin-lamination outrunners?

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Thin-lamination outrunners?

Post by Kodin » Apr 09 2019 7:42pm

So I've been doing a lot of research into components to strap to my longboard and asked a lot of ebay/aliexpress sellers for lamination thickness specs. So far only one aliexpress seller was able to provide any info, and it looks like the "fatjay" brand outrunners (at least in 63xx sizes) use 0.35mm laminations. I'll be buying a sensored 6368 (190KV SD D-Shft model) on Friday to confirm sizing, specs, and build quality, and I'm tempted to also pick up a dual-motor 80-something-mm diameter hubmotor setup to check as well. Does anyone have a list of the higher efficiency outrunner motors out there?

And before anyone asks, I'll be running the motor with a VESC v4 style controller. If I run the dual motor setup I'll buy a FOCBOX dual motor controller next paycheck.

Update: 6368 motor ordered.
The Maytech representative just got back to me - Apparently their engineer says all of the motors they sell use 0.2mm laminations. I'll be buying one of their outrunners with as close to same specs as I can find to compare performance next month. Based on the photos they showed I'll likely also be buying their dual hubmotor kit eventually as an upgrade. Really tempted to pick up a mountain board and go the pneumatic wheel belt-drive route eventually, but for now I'll start small and cheap.
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