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Re: motor glider project

Post by kubark42 » May 16 2020 7:48pm

carbon dragon wrote:
May 16 2020 7:35pm
I knew this project was getting too easy, throw me another wrench... :-)
LOL, don't worry, this just means that you don't want to glass in your bulkhead until you've done thermal performance testing. This can be as easy as putting the cowled motor/prop on the roof of your car and driving it down a long runway for a few minutes. :wink:

P.S. I PM'ed you, dunno if you saw.

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Re: motor glider project

Post by Hillhater » May 16 2020 7:56pm

This type of feedback data is exactly what is required.
Some of these flyers must have data logging to record exactly their power, duration, speed, climb rates, etc etc ?

I realise these powered TO and flight assist glider systems will use much less power, but there are reports on this forum from several Epowered microlight craft and hang gliders , where they record much higher power consumptions !
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