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Re: motor glider project

Posted: May 16 2020 7:48pm
by kubark42
carbon dragon wrote:
May 16 2020 7:35pm
I knew this project was getting too easy, throw me another wrench... :-)
LOL, don't worry, this just means that you don't want to glass in your bulkhead until you've done thermal performance testing. This can be as easy as putting the cowled motor/prop on the roof of your car and driving it down a long runway for a few minutes. :wink:

P.S. I PM'ed you, dunno if you saw.

Re: motor glider project

Posted: May 16 2020 7:56pm
by Hillhater
This type of feedback data is exactly what is required.
Some of these flyers must have data logging to record exactly their power, duration, speed, climb rates, etc etc ?

I realise these powered TO and flight assist glider systems will use much less power, but there are reports on this forum from several Epowered microlight craft and hang gliders , where they record much higher power consumptions !