Can I take electric razor in the hand luggage in aircraft?

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Re: Can I take electric razor in the hand luggage in aircraf

Post by mwkeefer » Aug 19 2010 11:53pm

If it's not lithium based battery then you should be able to, just be sure to have maybe the product specifications sheet as the case is inspected or xrayed - I imagine an xrayed razor scooter would look an awful lot like a seriously high tech weapon :)

I'd call the airline and explain the product to confirm but you should be ok.


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Re: Can I take electric razor in the hand luggage in aircraf

Post by wheelbender6 » Aug 28 2010 9:11pm

It would be fun to ride it through the airport. No more "Running through airports" to catch flights.
I saw a guy carry-on three skateboards on his way to a competition. I saw a triathlete carry-on a set
of custom made bicycle wheels. E-scooter with SLA batteries should easily make it through security.
You just can't turn it on during flight until you reach cruising altitude.
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Re: Can I take electric razor in the hand luggage in aircraf

Post by swbluto » Aug 29 2010 2:13am

According to, you're allowed one "larger battery" on carry-on 'installed on a device' and upto two extra 'larger batteries' in luggage. The max size for a larger battery is 300 Wh.

I'd imagine something that looks custom made would buy you more scrutiny, but it seems like it'd be okay. Personally, I'd just put the batteries in some kind of case with the appropriate rating and put it in luggage and leave the battery off the scooter itself. That would seem to have minimal hassle and risk. I don't know what kind of case I'd put lipo in, though, to make it "official looking".

Apparently, you can have an unlimited amount of "smaller batteries" (Less than somewhere around 100 watthours), so maybe you could just bring whatever amount of hobbycity lipo bricks that you wanted in its raw form assuming a rating of less than 100 watthours. I'd think the bare wires would probably be suspicious, though.

This is probably where strap-on dewalt packs would probably be best. It looks like the normal dewalt packs are ~70 watthours or so, so you could take on as many as you wanted since it's not a "larger battery" according to 'their' specs.

Btw, I feel kind of stupid. It looks like the original poster disappeared (I never saw the original poster)?

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