Elephant in the room - Quadcopters...

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Re: Elephant in the room - Quadcopters...

Post by TheBeastie » Oct 22 2020 5:21am

In one of the most locked down covid19 cities in the world (at least currently), they communist government of Victoria is using drones at all covid19 protests and now to even make sure people stay indoors in general...
https://twitter.com/9NewsMelb/status/13 ... 21441?s=20

Saw this, thought it was cool....

We are proud to introduce the latest addition to our long-endurance VTOL sUAS fleet, the Carrier H6 Hydrone. Fueled by Intelligent Energy's 2.4kw Hydrogen fuel cell, the H6 Hydrone is based on our field-proven Carrier H6 HE+ airframe design

The key benefits for using a 2.4kw hydrogen-based powerplant is *QUIET*, clean, heavlifting, and long-endurance flight.

Speed Kills Range, 10mph = 46 miles range, 20mph = 20 miles, 30mph = 8 miles rangehttps://goo.gl/1JNL53
Over Charging Kills ur battery bit.ly/1hzWKl4
Consider PAS as your only throttle https://goo.gl/Kg1F8F
Fuel-Cell is the ultimate battery coupled with 4th-gen Nuclear
https://goo.gl/TcKtHs https://goo.gl/ZhFFot https://goo.gl/gfa215
10 Square Miles of solar panels = 0.12GW average power! https://goo.gl/Ub1S39

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