YinTong electric paraglider

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YinTong electric paraglider

Post by Lock » May 06 2011 11:04pm


http://www.china-yintong.com/en/product ... id=9&id=50
1.Maximum payload:200kg
2.Fuselage:25kg (containing battery).
3.Maximum thrust:28-37kg
4.Maximum flight time : 90-120 minutes .
5.Lithium polymer battery: 51.8V/35AH-60AH
6.Rated power of DC brushless motor: 15KW.
7.Minimum flight speed: 5Km/hour
8.Maximum flight speed:50Km/hour
9.Maximum climbing speed: 5 meter/second
10.Taking-off mode: by run-up

The prominent advantages are as follows:
1.DC brushless motor with light weight and small volume.
2.DC brushless motor can drive propellers directly without any speed gear.
3.DC brushless motor produces much lower noise and vibration.
4.The battery can be charged quickly.
5.Easy control and high reliability.
YinTong describes the pack only as "Lithium polymer" but I'm guessing their using cells from another YinTong Group company that only makes 20Ah LiFePO4 and Lithium Titanate pouches...

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