Drone dead. Help ?

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Drone dead. Help ?

Post by tune345 » Aug 11 2016 11:23am


So i was curious if i can attach the FPV camera from this product http://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/pp_328232.html to this http://www.skyrockettoys.com/products/s ... ideo-drone The Skyviper has 4 pins to it's camera whereas the other drone has 3
still i connected it hoping it could work somehow magically but it ended up with the skyvipers lights going off , no pairing to the remote and burning smell from it's central unit. Basically making it unusable ... Should have never done that ._.

What can be done to make it live again ? if any. I would hate to throw it out , it's one of the most stable Drone i have....i had :(

Help ?


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