Large RC drone, 16 propellers

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Large RC drone, 16 propellers

Post by spinningmagnets » Dec 20 2016 12:31pm

Eight booms, the tip of each boom has an upper and lower motor (push/pull)

RChelicopter1.png (153.34 KiB) Viewed 866 times

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Re: Large RC drone, 16 propellers

Post by Ykick » Dec 20 2016 12:56pm

Style points, that's really cool...
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Re: Large RC drone, 16 propellers

Post by craneplaneguy » Jan 17 2017 8:47pm

Way cool, but he ought to be strung up by his balls for running so close to crowds, he ain't that damn good a builder and pilot to operate that flying cuisinart that near innocent people. I endanger myself flying all the time, not other people, especially people (little kids) too lame to realize the danger.Neat machine, great concept and the guy has great skill, but shit for brains. :shock:

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