Is there an FPV section?

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Is there an FPV section?

Post by timothy2155 » Feb 02 2017 5:43am

I am a fello RC enthusiast and tinkerer, but I am more interested in FPV related to airplanes, drones, glasses, headwear etc. Does anyone know where the best place to post about these topics is?
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Re: Is there an FPV section?

Post by NeilP » Feb 07 2017 8:39am

am I the only one that does not know what FPV is and is too lazy to google it ? ;)
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Re: Is there an FPV section?

Post by ecycler » Feb 24 2017 3:38pm

It appear so... First Person View - basically flying the drone as if you were riding on it via a camera.
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