Toyota/SkyDrive Cartivator VTOL

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Toyota/SkyDrive Cartivator VTOL

Post by LockH » May 22 2017 7:32pm

ES Bible "No suitable matches were found." ... for "Cartivator".

Toyota Invests In SkyDrive With Cartivator VTOL: ... ator-vtol/

Toyota Plunks $375,000 Into The SkyDrive VTOL
... a Japanese flying car research project — the SkyDrive Cartivator VTOL.
... includes:
The SkyDrive Cartivator VTOL will use a four-propeller set design to get a 2.9 meter by 1.3 meter (9.5 foot by 4.5 foot) VTOL in the air. This will be the world’s smallest flying car. And there is much to say about this, since space and availability, as well as affordability, is what many traffic-jammed commuters are asking for. The SkyDrive Cartivator VTOL will have a top flight speed of 100 km/h (62 miles) at 10 meters (33 feet) high. But don’t despair, its land top speed will be much higher at 150 km/h (roughly 93 mph).
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