Farfles Electric Ultralight.

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Re: Farfles Electric Ultralight.

Post by Icewrench » Sep 02 2020 11:25am

Very sad to hear this news. The young man had some top notch skills. It was a treat when he would share what he was doing in the shop.

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Re: Farfles Electric Ultralight.

Post by liveforphysics » Sep 02 2020 1:52pm

Thanks for the kind words my friend. Enjoyed some wonderful talks with his dad and mom and grandma and wife and brother and friends last night around a campfire at his family's home. He is a legend and hero to all of us.
John in CR wrote:
Sep 01 2020 10:41am

I noticed you had posted and had to check it out, hoping for some cool new thing to ride in the electric aircraft section, only to get sideswiped by this really sad news. At least he was doing what he loved, which is how I want to go when my time comes.
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Re: Farfles Electric Ultralight.

Post by spinningmagnets » Sep 02 2020 2:39pm

What a gut-punch. I am deeply saddened to hear this. I had the pleasure of meeting Jackson a couple of years ago in Southern California. I was looking forward to seeing him again some time in the future.

I am planning on retiring soon, and that was when I had hoped to visit a long list of people, and take the time to really get to know them better.

Jackson was incredibly patient and kind. He had an endless flow of energy to promote EV's, and he is one of only a handful that I know who was constantly working on any one of several exciting and fun projects.

The world was a better place with him in it, and he will be missed.

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Re: Farfles Electric Ultralight.

Post by Hardergamer » Sep 03 2020 9:27pm

Very said news. RIP Jackson Edwards.

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Re: Farfles Electric Ultralight.

Post by DanGT86 » Sep 04 2020 9:21am

I never met him in person but always admired his projects and contributions to the EV community. His supermoto bike was one of my favorite builds ever. I can't even imagine the amount of creativity that was inspired directly by his enthusiasm and commitment to EV development. Intentionally or not he left his mark on this community in countless positive ways.

I contacted him once to ask for permission to make and sell a batch of his swing arms. He not only didn't mind me copying them and making a few bucks off it but he even went as far as to give me some technical advice on the process. He said he was happy that they would be available again. I thought it was pretty awesome that someone would be so eager to give away their engineering for free just to benefit the EV community. It sounds a bit trivial but I think it speaks to the type of awesome guy he was.

I'll take a moment to think of him every time I throw my leg over my crappy wal-mart genesis. We are all lucky to have had someone around who could make even the worst bike cool!

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Re: Farfles Electric Ultralight.

Post by Matador » Sep 06 2020 10:44pm

This is very sad news !

I did not know him personally but did follow his airplane build thread, and I was really impressed by his incredible level of craftsmanship.

As a private pilote myself, I find it really difficult not to feel a lot of emotions when I hear of a pilot that crashes. It could happen to any of us flying up there. But he was so young ! 27 years is way to young to go ! I can only imagine the pain and sadness of his family members and friends.


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Re: Farfles Electric Ultralight.

Post by topspeed » Sep 07 2020 2:04am

I am sorry for the loss of a electric vehicle pioneer mr Jackson Edwards.
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Re: Farfles Electric Ultralight.

Post by topspeed » Sep 07 2020 2:08am

ScooterMan101 wrote:
Nov 06 2019 11:45pm
First I am seeing this thread , Farfle once you have enough fun in this aircraft with the petrol engine the way to use your electric drive train is on a very efficient airframe ... a Sailplane or as near to a Sailplane as possible. ( I have been up in a few of them and they glide very good so they would make a good electric plane ) Or another clean aerodynamic plane . I have been out of the Skies for about 20 years now so I am not up on the latest small aerodynamic planes or even hybrids of Rigid Wing Hang Gliders and a Ultralight , there are a few of them . Another possibility is the Dragon Fly Hang Glider Tug Ultralight . It was designed for very good climb rates and can be made cleaner for better L/D ratios .

Neptronix , Solid State Batteries ? where is the link to them ?
neptronix wrote:
Nov 06 2019 6:13pm
Sad that you had to move to gas. Solid state batteries can't come fast enough.

Yes this is a bit problematic now.

I am working on it too.

You have to able to make very light but durable aeroplane with fairly little drag...and low wing loading to be able to fly at low wattage consumption.

Let us concentrate on this.

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Re: Farfles Electric Ultralight.

Post by helno » Sep 07 2020 10:37pm

That is some really shitty news to hear. I helped him with the instrument panel.

Two-strokes are not great power plants for aircraft.

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Re: Farfles Electric Ultralight.

Post by Arlo1 » Sep 07 2020 11:57pm

Guys this has been a hard week for many, Jackson was one of the best people I knew and words can't describe this. He was always in good spirits when I got to see him, and always with a smile on his face. I have so much to thank Jackson for and its crazy he was 14 years younger than me teaching me so much. But he would also listen with an open mind when you had something to say. I got to do some fun things with him only a handful of times but behind the scenes we had google chats going non stop and we had so much excitement with Jackson sharing awesome things and there to cheer our awesome projects on. He accomplished so much in so little time. In his Honor a go-fund me has been put together to help keep the spirit alive. Its a project to help teach youth some of the many great skills Jackson had. Many of which his dad taught him. I hope to see this come together and one day to be able to help with this in person as well. I think many of us have something to offer from online training to everything else. This is something that will help in the style of ES it self! https://www.gofundme.com/f/jackson-edwa ... are-flow-1
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Re: Farfles Electric Ultralight.

Post by Solarsail » Oct 03 2020 1:54am

So very sorry to hear of Jackson Edward's unfortunate accident. My heart goes to his family and loved ones.

I am new to Endless Sphere, but I can detect a pioneer and an engineer and a builder and a producer, when I see one.

RIP Jackson

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