Manned multirotor

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Manned multirotor

Post by axbor22 » Mar 22 2018 12:44am

Looking forward to a new flying season!

Two other clip in the build/flight log youtube series that might be of extra interest: :)

Youtube channel: amazingdiyprojects

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Re: Manned multirotor

Post by craneplaneguy » Mar 26 2018 9:47am

Wow, pretty cool, but glad to see in the one video that he was wearing earplugs. Helmet? Nah, no need for that! Smart guy obviously, but I guess he ran out of money or didn't want to look like a dork by wearing a helmet?

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Re: Manned multirotor

Post by fechter » Mar 26 2018 2:35pm

Right, he could have used a helmet like the old days:
Aviator helmet.jpg
Aviator helmet.jpg (74.18 KiB) Viewed 688 times
Still, pretty impressive for something that is probably made from mostly Hobby King parts.
76 individual motors should give enough redundancy so a single motor fail would hardly be noticed. Each blade is small enough that it won't have enough energy to cut your body in half either. Fingers look out.
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