Electric Surf Board

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Re: Electric Surf Board

Post by fabianpusch » Jan 12 2020 6:22am

Hi Chris
Second hand, a 2016 race.
Waiting for some nice weather to ride it.
Actually I have sent the board to Jetsurf, so they can do a big check up

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Re: Electric Surf Board

Post by Louiss » Jan 12 2020 9:01am

Hi Guys, I haven't been here for a long time. I was so busy meantime and I didn't have enough time to my electric surf. Project stays as it is, it rides but it was a little slow, battery last only 15min. and so on. For this season I decided to rebuild the surf for something more compact and light. I leave the rigid board and go to inflatable small size SUP board. The propulzion will be my old Torqueedo housing with 7:1 gear reduction, new Turnigy G160 Brushless Outrunner 290kv, torqueedo speed prop, 120A HV controller, 10Ah 12s Lipol battery pack, 2.4GHz remote controller. All this stuff except for batteryes monted in to torqueedo housing, the batt in waterproof box on tail top side on SUP. All this stuff will be detachable like a conversion kit from paddle to electric SUP.
Actually I ordered the parts needed mostly from HK, and Ali when stuffs arrives I will share my building progress.
Meantime I made a small research whats new on this scene, and I find this guy who made a similar thing, check it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBKDYsAhiuc

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