Sevcon Controller - Where to begin.

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Sevcon Controller - Where to begin.

Post by boatrenovationpeople » Jan 04 2023 2:43pm

Hello folks, new to the forum currently re fitting an atlantic clipper 36 ketch yacht.
Trying to do a shoestring EV conversion, mainly for my own knowledge as for the past 5 years i've been rebuilding diesel engines and think its time to add some new skill sets.
Today my Sevcon- Gen4 -size 6 controller arrived. But I'm a little stumped on where to begin.
I have a 48v AC Juli Lift motor (20kw) from an old forklift. That I want to power, from 16 x 3.2v -280ah LIfep04 with another 16 x being added at a later date. I don't plan on maxing the motor out, far from it, the smallest amount of draw to make her move and occasionally punch a tide, with solar, wind and a backup genset.

I guess the first question is - What are others using for throttle controls, how does this translate to reverse.

Would mainly like to hear from others doing similar. :bigthumb:

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Re: Sevcon Controller - Where to begin.

Post by ZeroEm » Jan 04 2023 3:43pm

Wanted to welcome you to ES!
Diesel mechanic going Electric, that's great. Looking forward to see the end result.

Just wanted to offer a link to a build that may help. A few pictures of the motor would help.

Shamrock, 25 foot sailboat electric conversion with an ebike hub motor Justin is the owner of Grin Technologies Ltd Did did a detailed build and has helped others in his area.
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Re: Sevcon Controller - Where to begin.

Post by j bjork » Jan 05 2023 3:20am

Here is a good place to start:

There are more threads, but this one is probably the biggest.

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Re: Sevcon Controller - Where to begin.

Post by john61ct » Jan 05 2023 10:48am

If you ever find an expert willing to help remotely, from anywhere in the world, even if they are charging what you think are outrageous rates

please post a new thread with their contact info.

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