Solar Party Hut Pontoon

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Solar Party Hut Pontoon

Post by GREGINTHEWORLD » Dec 13 2020 11:03pm

For a 30ft pontoon with a 90hp outboard I have a 101lb Minnkota engine mount trolling motor that runs on 36 volts and draws 50A max. I just bought three of these : BMW OEM 3s 12v 75ah li-ion to hook up in series and a 9S Xiaoxiang Li ion BMS, 100A discharge, 60A charge. I did not see anywhere until I received the BMS that it says 33.3v on the packaging. I bought the BMS and batts on Bhookup and I figured if each battery was 3s, a 9s BMS should work for three..? Should I be concerned that the BMS packaging says 33.3 when the system voltage will be over 36 ? My plan is to charge the three batteries with two 375 watt 48 volt panels and a charge controller, neither of which I have bought yet. Have been trying to muddle through the ins and outs of EVs wiring as a newby. I also wondered if lets say ya only have 6s battery, can ya use an 8s BMS and make adjustments for it in the settings?

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Re: Solar Party Hut Pontoon

Post by thepronghorn » Dec 16 2020 5:12pm

33.3V is the nominal voltage for a 9S li-ion battery (3.7*9=33.3), so your BMS will work for your batteries

For the 6S battery on an 8S BMS, some BMS will work and some won't. Usually, you'll want the BMS to be advertised as "6-8S" or something like that to make sure it will work for the cell count you want to use.

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