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Here wre some calculations on how I calculated hull speed ,power and fork and prop speed what do you think?

Posted: May 02 2021 9:04pm
by Sharpiecoot

If anyone's interested please take a look and tell me what you think using this little motor that runs at such a high RPM I'm thinking that I'm over with larger coils and slower speed would give me more of a mechanical advantage and allow the motor to not rev so high which contributes to the sound being loud and annoying.

Inboard prop speed and pitch for 22 ft DIY inboard

Posted: May 02 2021 9:08pm
by Sharpiecoot

This will be my third year running the 1800 watt Chinese motor go-kart kit on my home build 22 ft sharpie sailboat. Though it works pretty good I'm wondering if a motor with larger diameter coils would allow me to have higher torque and run at a lower speed. I'm thinking This would improve the sound quality on the boat and hopefully improve efficiency through a mechanical leverage from the larger diameter. Currently I'm running late timing belt and a bit of a unique way of attaching the motor to the shaft.