Hydrofoil GF09

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Hydrofoil GF09

Post by up0 » Oct 27 2014 4:02pm

After just posting about the commercial Quadrofoil
I thought I should also start a thread on the non-commercial Hydrofoil GF09,
built by Markus Henne at the University Rapperswil in Switzerland:
gf09.jpg (64.64 KiB) Viewed 3213 times
Also impressive is the YouTube video:

I like it even more than the Quadrofoil, because of it's very efficient energy use, and the simplicity and elegance of the build.
Unfortunately there is not too much to be found online in English about this beautiful little project.
Here are some
Technical details:
  • Lightweight Sandwich-constructions for main hull and Swimmers
  • Dimensions: L x W: 3500 mm x 1800 mm
  • Weight (with Batteries): ~ 37 kg (81 pounds)
  • Motor: from RC Model Plane max. 1,8 kW
  • Batteries: Lithium-Ion-Polymer Capacity 10 Ah
  • Max Speed: 28 km/h
  • Energy consumption: ~500W at 17 km/h / 1200W at 25km/h (15.5 mph) !
And here some links: Here another picture from the doc:

And one that shows the Energy vs Speed Graph:
You can see nicely how the "Energy consumption" goes up to 1.200W to get the boat out of the water,
then drops to about 600W at 16 Km/h (10 mph)

One fine day, when I can find enough time between work and my other hobbies,
I will try to build one like this. I started to get interested in electric vehicles last winter,
and wondered if I should start with a boat (the lake is right in front of the door) or a bike.
I figured I would get a quicker success and more use out of the bike, so that's what I did over the summer.
Maybe next summer I will try sth like this boat :-)


(I hope this has not been posted here before, but I couldn't find it with a couple of searches)
gf09-a.png (63.32 KiB) Viewed 434 times
gf09-c.png (30.21 KiB) Viewed 3213 times

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Re: Hydrofoil GF09

Post by liamcaff » Nov 13 2014 5:21pm

Love it!

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Re: Hydrofoil GF09

Post by sk8norcal » Nov 20 2014 1:11am

here's one i posted before,


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Re: Hydrofoil GF09

Post by up0 » Nov 21 2014 9:38am

Hi sk8norcal,

yes, I had seen your evolo before, thanks for that!
It seems more tricky to ride and you can't just get into it with dry clothes and expect them to stay dry (on a cold winter day).
But on the other hand it will be more fun on a warm summer day. They might have slightly different audiences.

I would love to see how the GF09 handles waves, as the ability to smooth out waves is one of the prime reasons to use hydrofoils. In the movies I have seen of the GF09, the water is flat. It's a pity this never developed into a commercial product with several real-incarnations out in the wild where one could find more videos.
If I find more time one day between the other projects I will try to contact the designer of this little gem and find out what happened since those days.

Cheers, Ulli

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Re: Hydrofoil GF09

Post by bigmoose » Jul 23 2016 1:42pm

An interesting clip of Kotaro Horiuchi's single person hydrofoils. Some great still pictures of past designs at the end of the video.
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Re: Hydrofoil GF09

Post by Hillhater » Aug 18 2016 7:49pm

...and now the Jetfoiler....
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Re: Hydrofoil GF09

Post by bbq870 » Oct 01 2016 1:15pm

the GF09 (girlfriend#9?) doesn't seem to be efficient.
the graph DOES show a decrease of power-consumption, once the boat is out the water.
but after that it shows a similar graph(shape) as before the lift off.
I would have thought the graph after lift-off should be more flat??
in fact it is even steeper.

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