Interesting canoe paddle with motor..

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Interesting canoe paddle with motor..

Post by flexy » Dec 20 2015 2:13pm

This paddle turned up at my work, I thought it might be of interest, or somebody might know who made it..
It has a motor in the bulbous part of the paddle, a simple thumb switch in the handle and can be connected to a car battery. The prop is a model aircraft variety and seems to have a limited slip clutch to avoid damage.

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Re: Interesting canoe paddle with motor..

Post by djionut123 » Apr 13 2016 1:31am

Hey mate,

That's an interesting paddle indeed. I am looking at ways to add an electric motor to an inflatable kayak, and this seems like a neat workaround. Do you have any details about who made this, and with what parts?


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Re: Interesting canoe paddle with motor..

Post by eCue » Dec 19 2017 9:23am

Looks to me like someone has either a great sense of humor or too much spare time on their hands :D
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