BMW i3 battery and Torqeedo Electric boat

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BMW i3 battery and Torqeedo Electric boat

Post by dirkdiggler » Jul 06 2017 4:46pm

New electric boat powered by BMW i3 battery packs
Fred Lambert - Jul. 5th 2017 2:14 pm ET @FredericLambert ... ery-packs/
After Zero Motorcycles’ e-bike powertrains being used to power electric jetskis, now BMW’s i3 battery packs are powering electric boats.

The German automaker confirmed today a deal with Torqeedo, a German boat manufacturer, to use their battery pack in a new electric boat powertrains.

They adapted the same 33 kWh battery pack in the BMW i3 to work with Torqeedo’s Deep Blue 80i electric boat powertrain.

Dr Alexander Kotouc, Head of Product Management BMW i, explained the collaboration:

“We see the decision by Torqeedo to use BMW i high-voltage batteries for their Deep Blue propulsion system as further evidence that we can build the drive systems of the future without any need for compromise on performance, innovation and sustainability. This successful transfer of the latest automotive technology to the water is testament to the value of the integrated approach that underpins BMW i.”

For a demonstration, they fitted the powertrain in a Kaiser K-625 boat:
The system can be installed in several types of boats “including motor boats, sailing yachts and commercial marine applications such as water taxis.”

The price hasn’t been released yet but hopefully, it will lower the current cost of Torqeedo’s Deep Blue powertrains:

Though as shown in the chart, the gas savings can be significant considering most gas-powered boats are not efficient.

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Re: BMW i3 battery and Torqeedo Electric boat

Post by granolaboy » Jul 07 2017 8:14pm

That is awesome news! I've been looking at torqueedo for a while now...
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