Simple Outboard Conversion

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Simple Outboard Conversion

Post by coleasterling » Sep 14 2018 12:47pm

Hey Guys! First electric project I've finished (or at least come close to finishing) in awhile. Motor is an ME0709, 1:1 chain drive to the original lower unit shaft with the original splined coupler from the gas power head's crank. It will eventually be running at ~100V nominal and 70-80A, with performance very similar to the stock engine. I'll post some pictures and video of the boat running when we get it all buttoned up, mounted, and tested on the boat.

The controller will be the Hungarian eBay unit with a custom case and possibly water cooling, if necessary. Batteries are EIG LFP pouches in pre-configured modules that were from a scrapped electric semi project.

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Re: Simple Outboard Conversion

Post by CobraJet » Oct 06 2018 7:45am

Well it is looking pretty good so far. Would love to see more pics as you come along!

What outboard engine did you start out with?

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Re: Simple Outboard Conversion

Post by cheetahgod » Nov 10 2018 10:41pm

looks like a Chrysler outboard to me.

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