Ecotric Fat tire folding bike review.

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Ecotric Fat tire folding bike review.

Post by polynoth » May 16 2019 6:23pm

SO, this past winter, I moved to a not so great neighborhood, and wanted to put my good bikes in storage, and get a cheap, folding ebike to commute on for the winter.
I took a gamble and bought the Ecotric fat tire folding bike.
I rode it every day and all winter. I have over 2 thousand miles on it, easy.
to be short and sweet, for the price, this bike is worth it. I have ridden it over 40 miles on level three assist, and I have never even gone close to running out of battery. I do pedal hard when I pedal, but still.
I beat the crap out of this thing. I broke the throttle after I took a digger on some ice this winter, but replaced it,. Everything else held up fine. I have gotten over 200 cycles on the battery. still goes strong.
you get what you pay for, of course. its a cheap bike, with cheap components. but for what I paid, I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants a cheap bike to ride.

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Re: Ecotric Fat tire folding bike review.

Post by uncleByron » Aug 01 2019 9:18pm

I too took that chance and glad I did. Having done a fair amount of research it seemed about time I visited a brick and mortar shop. Found a shop with a bike close to what I was looking for. Bike was there but customer service was not and the only reason to buy from a shop was for the service. They did in effect save me a bit of money as you know the Ecotric folding fat tire ebike Checked off almost all off my boxes and is a great ebike for upgrade's. Two months in and the bike is slowly evolving. Enjoy !!!

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Re: Ecotric Fat tire folding bike review.

Post by docw009 » Dec 07 2019 8:45pm

Good ebike. I paid $779 shipped, no taxes, from amazon. Same parts as on other 20" fat tire bikes costing a lot more. Bafang G06 motor. Textro disks. Shimano Tourney with twist shifter. You might replace the seat and put on better folding pedals. Wheels and front fork are steel. Alloy frame. About 60 pounds. Also rode over 40 miles on first charge.

I upgraded from the 3 level PAS 810LED (17A controller) to a 20A KT sinewave controller with LCD3 display. That was $70. A real 21 mph on 36V, 24 mph on 48V.

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