Review: eBikeLing 36 Volt, 500 Watt Front Geared motor and 700C wheel

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Review: eBikeLing 36 Volt, 500 Watt Front Geared motor and 700C wheel

Post by LewTwo » Jul 08 2021 7:01pm

I have written a complete review with pictures of the eBikeLing 36 Volt, 500 Watt Front Geared motor and 700C wheel kit. The PDF 16 MBytes in size so I am not going waste this board's space posting it here. For those that are interested you can download it from my website with the following URL: ... Review.pdf
or ...
(sometime a zip file is more friendly to download)

I am not going to repeat myself (much) but here are the highlights:

Since 1995 I have built at least a half dozen e-bikes (my first one had Lead Acid batteries). E-
Bikes are my only form of transportation. Unfortunately while one E-bike was being rebuilt the
motor failed on the other. The whole point of purchasing this kit was to get back on road with
a quick, reliable solution. It turned out to be anything but that. This has been without question
the worst experience I have ever had installing E-Bike hub motor system.

OH ... that question everyone always asks: maximum speed with a fully charged 36 volt
battery, no cargo and a 135 pound rider is approximately 24 miles per hour .... I say
approximately because I believe the speedometer is about 10% optimistic (confirmed).
Years ago the first Chinese E-Bike motor systems that were marketed were simple and
reliable. Connect the motor, controller, battery, throttle and they worked. Then they got more
complicated with new features, display units and lots more wires. The minimal
instructions/diagrams were written in “Chinglish” and included such off the wall wire labels as
“door alarm”, “teaching system” and “starter switch”. The biggest challenge was figuring out
what was actually supposed to be connected to those wires. That problem still exists today.
Now the wiring for the newer generation systems is a bit simpler but there has been little or no
improvement in the quality of the documentation content.

Once all the hardware was installed, it took four long, frustrating days to get the throttle to
spin the wheel. See system parameter 09.
eBikeLing System Parameters:
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Re: Review: eBikeLing 36 Volt, 500 Watt Front Geared motor and 700C wheel

Post by WayneB » Oct 25 2021 2:20pm

Thank you OP for sharing your detailed findings! I am hunting for a good 700C kit option; really appreciate being able to understand the tradeoffs better, before buying.

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Re: Review: eBikeLing 36 Volt, 500 Watt Front Geared motor and 700C wheel

Post by Ian » Nov 06 2021 4:54pm

I have this kit also, the waterproof connector version with S830 display. The geared motor is on a rear 700c. For the money, I have found the quality to be very good. Over 2.5K miles and never had an issue. It is a good option for those requiring an inexpensive lightweight 36v setup, for regular bike speeds. I use the PAS only and don't bother with a throttle as they didn't offer a left-sided one.

I actually cruise along with this kit around 12 to 13mph on PAS2 setting and once I got used to it (having been used to a MAC at 52V cruising at 18 to 20mph), I find the low speeds very relaxing and enjoyable for my leisure type riding. The efficiency is very good at this speed and can go to 40 to 45 mile range with my 20AH hobbyking lipos. PAS3 setting puts you in the 15/16mph cruising speed which is also well within the motors capacity and so would ensure long life.

I do see they are offering a slightly more powerful geared motor as an option, so I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has that motor upgrade.

The motor itself is moderately noisy. People hear you coming on the bike paths. As far as I can tell, the SX1 from Grin is the only comparable hub motor that is meant to be quiet. But the SX1 kits are out of my price range.

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Re: Review: eBikeLing 36 Volt, 500 Watt Front Geared motor and 700C wheel

Post by wineboyrider » Nov 21 2021 11:42pm

Nice post! I am looking for a low powered setup for my recumbent.

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