P-51 Bullet Electric Bike

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P-51 Bullet Electric Bike

Post by chuyskywalker » Sep 02 2022 12:31am

https://p51bikes.com/collections/models ... llet-black


Love this aesthetic. That suspension setup looks phenomenal. Many of the specs are underwhelming, even for a "street legal"* bike. Even more so when you see the $3,850 price tag. (Compare it to something like the Grizzly which is $500 cheaper.)

* They, perhaps, incorrectly categorize as Class 2. The video has speeds up to 32mph, so it's technically not even Class 3. Maybe that bike was unlocked in some fashion.

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Re: P-51 Bullet Electric Bike

Post by 2old » Sep 02 2022 12:17pm

It's "street legal in CA as a moped (maybe), but if so requires a license plate, MC license for the operator and insurance.

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Re: P-51 Bullet Electric Bike

Post by SilverTT » Sep 12 2022 12:16pm

Interested in any reviews from people who have had some seat time. Seems like a better version of the Super 73RX style bikes.

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