My Bafang Ultra Mountain Bike! Frey AM1000

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Re: My Bafang Ultra Mountain Bike! Frey AM1000

Post by Nearchos » Dec 18 2022 1:11am

DaninSpain wrote:
Feb 04 2022 1:19pm
After nearly 4 years I'm now really starting to notice the decline of my battery and need to start looking at replacing it. I'm just waiting for a quote from Frey for a replacement, but I thought I would ask if anyone else has replaced their battery, and if so did you get a Frey replacement or a 3rd party battery. If you went 3rd party, would love to know about your experience. How do you know which size/shape battery to choose, how much was it delivered, and how does it compare to Frey's own battery.
Ta v much
Danin has asked a very good question.

Has anyone tried to replace the battery pack of a FREY AM1000 with a ready made third party provider?

I would be even more interested to know about models produced after 2020, as they seem to have switched battery pack provider at some point...

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Re: My Bafang Ultra Mountain Bike! Frey AM1000

Post by HypeMonsterX » Jan 07 2023 3:26am

Is the firmware upgradable to this? (2017) Any benefits from upgrading?


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Re: My Bafang Ultra Mountain Bike! Frey AM1000

Post by FastBiker » Jan 13 2023 3:17pm

I have some battery related questions:

I have the Fat1000 with 21Ah 48V battery. Does anyone know is there empty battery slots inside the casing, so it could be possible to up the Ah from 21+ by adding more batteries? Or to convert it to 52V and get to keep it at 21Ah, so I wouldn't lose Ah in conversion?

I am also interested in changing the battery bms to bigger. Isn't the original rated 30A continuous and 40A max amperage? I am not going to do it by myself, but I am interested if it can it be changed in an easy way? If I remove the battery casing part that has the battery indicator, is it right there or somewhere deeper and more difficult to access?


Ok, I will answer myself as I figured things out. There aren't empty slots in 21Ah casing - at least not enough to be able to put more Ah in that battery. And original BMS is 30A. but not so sure about that max amperage, or how it is defined.

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