Infineon XCKJ8B116A 12 Mosfet Brushless Controller

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Infineon XCKJ8B116A 12 Mosfet Brushless Controller

Post by TMaster » Apr 13 2010 2:39pm

Infineon XCKJ8B116A 12 Mosfet Brushless Controller, stock for 45 Amps peak with 72v.
Model: EC-124110-LYEN EDITION

Extreme modified version: ... =2&t=17680

After a month of waiting for this controller I finally received it 3 weeks ago. This is the first 12 mosfet Lyen has assembled. It is almost identical to the ecrazyman version. The only difference I see is some of the ecrazyman versions have a more farad uf cap on the input side of the controller. Lyen told me that since this is a sensored controller it only needs a 470uf cap.

I ordered the top of the line version from Lyen, 4110 mosefts instead of 4310's. CA connector, usb connector, speedo wire, regen disconnect wire loop, and the USB programming cable all ready to rock-n-roll! :mrgreen:

Being a power freak myself I decided to test the controller before I go and modify it for my hungry needs. I was very surprised to see how much better it was then my old shenzhen 15 fet controller. The first thing I noticed was that it is a lot smoother accelerating from the start. The motor made less take-off noise then the old controller I had. Before It would grunt. The next thing I noticed that the throttle is smoother and not as jumpy when I was trying to hold a certain speed. Last the regen kicks in very very very smooth. No clunk or anything. I can see where people would want regen, But for me the decellerating drag of the motor is annoying. The Regen on these controllers is just too powerful even on the lowest setting. It really needs to be 50% less then low to actually use it normally. I guess if I lived where there were lots of steep hills It would be ok on the low setting like it is. But here the roads are streets are pretty flat, and I love to coast freely. Maybe we can figure out how to make it like we want, or have better settings in the programming.

The reason I decided to get this controller is because of the size and capability. I wanted to move the controller to a different place on my bike. Little did I know how much better it really was going to be!

So lets get to the nitty gritty of the controller!!!

Assembly of the controller is top notch, it was well put together and better overall then the old controller I had. Everything was soldered equally, and the board and mosfets are perpendicular inside. Being a perfectionist myself, I was really surprized how good Lyen did on the bottom board power traces. Too bad that I was about to take it all off for my modifications! :P

The contoller came with (2) 330 ohm 3W resistors in series to step down the voltage for the LM317 adjustable regulator. By my calculations this is over the limit for voltage according to the datasheet for 72V. I decided to install 870 Ohms total of 3W resistors instead to handle the voltage I was putting in. Lyen is now installing resistors for the right voltages of whatever you need though.

There is a ton of pics and info on the forum for the programming with 116 chipped boards, so I'm not going to post any pics of the programming screen. The stock phase current setting is 80 and the Rated current is 30. With this the peak amperage is 45A, with the 69.3v A123 setup I was running. I changed the settings to 110 phase and 45 rated current, and was getting 65A peak. I then changed the settings to 120 phase and 50 rated, and was just getting over 70A,peak and 33A constant throttle on the flats. This is really great, because the controller only has 2 shunts and still has plenty of room in the programming for more. The temps were around 40c without air getting to the controller. Thats a tad warm but nothing to be alarmed about.

I want to thank Lyen, Methods, and GCinDC, for helping me make decisions on a lot of the programming the settings. I'm pretty good with all the settings now if anyone has any questions.
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