My experience with "leafbike" electric bike kit

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Re: My experience with "leafbike" electric bike kit

Post by goosenoose » Jun 09 2018 2:17pm

neptronix wrote:
Apr 07 2018 1:01pm
Their kits are terrible. I wouldn't touch them. The controllers are not matched to the motor's continuous capabilities, and as far as i know, not programmable.
That 1000W motor is wound WAY too fast ( 40mph winding, which requires 2000W continuous, on a 1000W motor? WTF? )

That being said the 1500W motor is still my favorite direct drive hub today, even though it has the same high default winding that does ~40mph on the road. ( a more sane choice is a 5T or 6T if you don't have a 48v 80A capable battery! )
Crap. I wish I had seen this a week ago.... oh well. Guess is a good excuse to save up for a Phaserunner :0 (kicking myself that I didn't just buy their kit with the discounted Grin All Axle)

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