Schwalbe Big Apple and Bontrager H5 Hardcase Reviews

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Schwalbe Big Apple and Bontrager H5 Hardcase Reviews

Post by SloNEZ » Apr 24 2015 12:11pm

Put these on my ebike last spring and rode them for 2700 miles or so.
Both in size 26 X 2.0

The Big Apple performed very well on the front. It still had plenty of tread left, but it was "feathered" toward the back.
I'm not sure it shows, but the center tread blocks are worn more toward the rear of each block.
This did not seem to impact performance and I didn't get any flats.
I did use a tire liner, thick tube, and sealant. No sign of any sealed leaks in the tube.
Recommended. It appears only half-worn and still looks good enough to be used, but I up-sized to 26 X 2.35 for this season.
Donated it to the bike co-op.
Sorry that's sideways - danged if I can figure out how to fix it.

The H5 wore completely out on the rear powered rim.
All semblance of tread was gone by 1500 miles, and the center of the tire wore flat and thin by the end of the season.
Speaking of flat, I didn't get one. I did use tire liners and thick tubes, however.
A couple pieces of what I assume to be wire from car tires did poke through the H5 and the tire liner (!), but did not get through the thick tube.
I had sealant in there, and I didn't see any sign of a leak that had self-plugged at all.
I ride through an industrial area on my commute and hit a lot of debris that I can hear flying away from the tires at times. Rough duty.
You can call me totally impressed. So much so that I bought another for this season's riding.
I do plan on a mid-season replacement this time at about 1500-1700 miles. I think I pushed my luck last year.

I replaced the tubes for this season as Chalo has mentioned that he's seen tire liners wear on the tubes.
I didn't notice any wear, but better safe than sorry. I donated the tubes to the bike co-op.

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Re: Schwalbe Big Apple and Bontrager H5 Hardcase Reviews

Post by Nast » Apr 26 2015 11:48pm

Thanks for the review. A couple of pretty good tires it seems!

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Re: Schwalbe Big Apple and Bontrager H5 Hardcase Reviews

Post by velias » May 03 2015 3:15pm

I have used Big Apples for years, but they don't have much tread depth so they dont last long. (although i have a front hub motor so it tends to spin out and wear more than if I had a rear one). The front usually goes bare after a year for me, riding 6 miles every workday.
I beleave the Schwalbe Big Ben's are exactly the same, yet have way more tread depth on them, Still on my first Big Ben after more than a year, and tread looking fine.

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Re: Schwalbe Big Apple and Bontrager H5 Hardcase Reviews

Post by friendly1uk » May 03 2015 5:22pm

Apples here. over 2000 miles. No real signs of wear front or back. Except where I have skidded. Which seems to be on the same spot each time, so I rotated it a bit. Just the once.

Mileage threads show a huge difference beween the apples and anything else that comes into conversation. They are a soft compound though, not some plastic tyre that won't grip in the wet.

They are by nature a comfort tyre. Using soft walls and designed for low pressures. Balloon tyres to give them their proper designation.
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Re: Schwalbe Big Apple and Bontrager H5 Hardcase Reviews

Post by docnjoj » May 04 2015 9:37am

I do like Big Apples and used to use them on my trike. However, they wear out fast, probably since the wear pattern is not spread like on a bicycle that tilts when it corners. Even my suspended trike scrubs a bit on each turn or corner, and that wears the center tread quite rapidly. I have found Hookworms to wear much better and longer. I notice the wear at 500 miles, particularly on the front wheels as they are 16" (305 mm) and wear rapidly anyways.
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Re: Schwalbe Big Apple and Bontrager H5 Hardcase Reviews

Post by cwah » May 04 2015 10:01am

Hookworm last longer than big apple big ben? What about the marathon plus?

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