Luna Monster Cyclone XL 7500W kit

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Luna Monster Cyclone XL 7500W kit

Post by xnoitulos » Oct 01 2016 2:55am

I'll have to come back and add some more comments, but hopefully this is useful.
Unboxing Kit.jpg
Unboxed Luna Monster Cyclone 7.5kW kit with 120A Controller
Luna Controller Box.jpg
120A Luna Controller Box
Controller Box Top.jpg
Pretty awesome graphics on the controller box. Why? Why not?
Box Lid.jpg
Inside the box lid has some different graphics
Luna Box End.jpg
Even the end of the box has some cool looking post apocalyptic art. Is that Eric? ?
Controller Length.jpg
Let's grab the ruler. The phase wires are 8 or 10 guage and quite stiff. I'd say 13.5" overall length without getting too aggressive with the bending.
Controller Width.jpg
Controller width 117mm
Controller Height.jpg
60mm tall
Controller Wires.jpg
I'll have to get back to listing everything, but pretty standard controller stuff.
60A Lyen 120A Luna.jpg
Here's the Lyen "65A" Mark II controller from my LR Big Block kit sitting on top of the Luna 120A Controller.
BB Bearings and Spindle.jpg
120mm BB
BB Cups Togther 66mm.jpg
BB Cups together on spindle offer 66mm spacing. Maybe run that E-type front derailleur, because (not pictured) the drive ring is setup as a double (three rings)! Can you imagine a front shift at 7500W? LOL
BB Cups Apart 120mm.jpg
With the NDS arm installed you can see this will just barely fit a 120mm BB shell.
Motor Mount Plates 6 3 9mm.jpg
Motor mounting plates are 6mm and 3mm thick. The holes on the 6mm plate are countersunk.
Motor Mount Plates 6 3 9mm.jpg (243.7 KiB) Viewed 859 times
120mm BB Shell Won't Fly.jpg
If your BB shell is 120mm wide than the 9mm of side plates will not work with the provided setup. Max Shell width is 111mm for the provided BB and spindle.
Claimed motor specs. 100Nm (peak) is about 74ft/lbs of torque. A Suzuki SV1000 has about 70ft/lbs.
Motor Width.jpg
120mm from outside mounting face to outside mounting face.
Motor Width ONE130mm.jpg
From furthest protruding bolt to mounting face is 130mm
Motor Width Total 179mm.jpg
From mounting face to protruding shaft Key (could be shorted to gain a few more mm of clearance),
Motor Width TWO 49mm.jpg
is 49mm, Total overall motor width is 179mm!
Factory Hardware.jpg
Provided hardware almost seems like a joke!
M5 x 140mm bolt.jpg
M5 x 140mm I looked everywhere for substitute hardware in M6 and stumbled upon this exact bolt described as FURNITURE Hardware. I mean, yeah it's mostly in shear, but come on!
Extra M5 bolt length.jpg
Bolt does protrude 9mm past the nut. Also, remember if you do go looking for a proper flat socket or countersunk bolt the length includes the head. This button head is 143 overall, but does sit down inside the countersink when looking at this picture. Good luck!
Motor Mount Bore.jpg
I did confirm that an M6 bolt will fit through the provided holes. I also believe they could be enlarged to M8 and still make it through the heat sink.
Motor Hardware.jpg
Motor with side plate attached
Motor Case Plate 16mm.jpg
I'm thinking about tapping these for M8 x 1.25 hardware. Did notice that some of the holes don't line up with the plate holes that well, which doesn't matter if you're only putting an M5 bolt through, but could get tricky to modify
Motor Case Plate 11mm.jpg
At M8 even this 11mm side plate would have over 8 full threads engaged.
Motor Shaft 20mm.jpg
Motor shaft is 20mm with 6mm Key, turned down from 25mm shaft exiting motor
Short Phase Wires.jpg
Phase wires are pretty short so plan on making extensions or keeping the controller nearby
Did hook it all up just to make sure it worked.
that's a lot of photos....please don't crash, please don't crash, please don't crash :lol:

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Re: Luna Monster Cyclone XL 7500W kit

Post by sn0wchyld » Oct 02 2016 5:42am

any chance you can take off the side covers and have a look inside? im looking at these with a mind to make some custom side plates to fit them easier... so it'd be good to see inside if you can.

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Re: Luna Monster Cyclone XL 7500W kit

Post by newjazz » Jul 01 2017 8:07am

Courious to find what you think of the performance on the street!.......please post more on this beast of a motor!

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Re: Luna Monster Cyclone XL 7500W kit

Post by bionicon » Jul 01 2017 8:31am

I have an "old" cyclone 8kw motor ,so does anybody knows the diffrent with the new 7,5kw cyclone motor?(they look pretty the same :roll: )

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Re: Luna Monster Cyclone XL 7500W kit

Post by markz » Aug 24 2017 9:57pm

7500W is not meant to be driven through bicycle components. But it looks like a very interesting kit non the less.
I just saw this C7.5kw kit on Luna's site.

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